Incidental action

For victims of serious crimes, which specifically includes all sexual offences, there is the possibility of incidental action. This is what you can expect if you file for incidental action.

    How does incidental action work?

    If you are a joint plaintiff, the court must be informed of this. Only then will incidental action be admitted.

    This notification can be provided at any stage in the proceedings. However, a trial does not start again if you decide to appear as a joint plaintiff on the day of the questioning. The court does not have to make allowances for the witness.

    Can I get a lawyer?

    Bei minderjährigen Zeug:innen muss ein:e Opferanwält:in bei sexuellem Missbrauch auf Antrag von Amts wegen beigeordnet werden. Auch Erwachsene, die als Kinder oder Jugendliche missbraucht wurden, haben einen solchen Anspruch.

    In the case of underage witnesses, a victim lawyer must be appointed ex officio upon application in the event of sexual abuse. Adults who were abused as children or adolescents are entitled to the same. Regardless of their financial circumstances, they can have a victim lawyer assigned to them by the court free of charge. You can find lawyers who specialise in victims' rights here or via the Verein Nebenklage e. V. association.

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