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Seeking help, finding help – the nationwide Sexual Abuse Help Portal is designed to ensure that everyone finds the help they need when it comes to sexual abuse. The help portal is a service of the Independent Commissioner for Child Sexual Abuse Issues (UBSKM). It provides information on the topic and helps people find help and counselling services locally – as well as online and over the phone.

    Sexual Abuse Help Portal

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    Who is the help portal for?

    Talking about sexual abuse can be very stressful. The help portal is there to help people affected by sexual abuse and their families to get easily accessible help and advice. The Sexual Abuse Help Portal supports people who have suffered sexual violence in their childhood or adolescence, as well as family members, professionals and anyone who has questions about the topic or is worried about a child.

    Where can you find the right help?

    Getting help pays off. Our nationwide database helps you find the right help for you. It lists counselling centres, emergency services as well as therapeutic, medical and legal help services.

    How were the services selected?

    The services can request to be listed in the Sexual Abuse Help Portal database. Before being entered into the database, they are professionally examined. However, being listed in the database or the mention of the service is not a reflection of the quality of the advice provided by the individuals. As an agency of the federal government, we cannot carry out such an assessment. This means that inclusion in the help portal does not constitute a "certification" of the help service in question, nor a seal of approval of any kind. However, certain minimum requirements apply for services to be included in the database. Find out more about the registration.

    Who is behind the help portal?

    The Sexual Abuse Help Portal is a service of the Independent Commissioner for Child Sexual Abuse Issues (UBSKM).

    The Sexual Abuse Help Line is a service provided by N.I.N.A. e. V. – funded by the Independent Commissioner for Child Sexual Abuse Issues. N.I.N.A. e. V. works on different levels to better protect children and adolescents from sexualised violence.

    Independent Commissioner for Child Sexual Abuse Issues

    Seeking help can be very challenging for victims and survivors as well as for people who want to help. That is why it is so important to quickly find suitable and easy-to-access services. This is exactly what the Sexual Abuse Help Portal offers. It shows people what local help services there are and offers plenty of information for anyone who wants to know more about the topic. So that everyone who looks for help will find help!

    Kerstin Claus, Independent Commissioner for Child Sexual Abuse Issues

    Help out!

    We want people to know that help is available. People should know who they can turn to if they suffered sexual violence in childhood or adolescence or suspect someone else is affected by it. We want society to talk about the issue and point to this website and the help services we offer. We want everyone to know: help is available!

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    The Sexual Abuse Help Line also offers advice by email. By registering, the advice service remains confidential.

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