Information about registration and help services

Under the motto of "seeking help, finding help", the help portal provides access to help and advice on the topic of sexual abuse throughout Germany. Find out more about the requirements the services we include in our database have to meet.

    How do I register?

    Counselling centres, medical and therapy services, lawyers, psychosocial litigation support services, places of refuge and crisis services can register with the help portal. Fill in the online form to register a service. Following a technical check, your service will be activated and can be found on the help portal.


    Additional information about the help services

    The services can request to be listed in the Sexual Abuse Help Portal database. The entries will be checked to make sure they meet certain minimum requirements and then approved. However, being listed in the database or the mention of the service is not a reflection of the quality of the advice provided by the individuals. As an agency of the federal government we cannot carry out such an assessment. This means that inclusion in the help portal does not constitute a "certification" of the help service in question, nor a seal of approval of any kind. The following minimum requirements, which depend on the category of the service, must be met for a service to be added to the list:

    Specialised counselling centres

    These service centres specialise in sexualised violence against children and adolescents. Their specialisation means they have in-depth expert knowledge and extensive practical experience. They are the first port of call for those affected by sexual violence and their families; they also offer counselling services and, where required, long-term support. They also advise helpers from a victim's social environment, professionals and all other people who have questions on the subject or are worried about a child.

    General counselling centres with specialised services

    They advise on a variety of topics. They have a separate department that specialises in the topic of sexual violence or professionals who have this as their focus of work.

    General counselling centres

    They usually offer a very broad range of counselling services and, if necessary, also support victims of sexual violence and their caregivers, but they do not have a specialisation in this area. They are very important, especially in rural areas.

    Help for victims of crime

    These victim support facilities provide help for victims of crime.

    Doctors and (psychological) psychotherapists in private practice

    The licensure of doctors and psychotherapists is reviewed in cooperation with the Federation of Panel Doctors ("Kassenärztliche Bundesvereinigung") and the professional chambers of the federal states. Only individuals with a license to practice are included in the database. During the registration process, doctors and psychotherapists can also indicate the extent to which they have special expertise in treating victims of sexualised violence.

    Hospitals and outpatient clinics

    Institutions which mention services for victims of sexualised violence or people with post-traumatic disorders on their website are added to the database.


    The lawyers listed in the database often have a focus on victims' rights. They represent the interests of people affected by sexual violence, for example, as the representative of an accessory plaintiff during criminal proceedings or in proceedings under the Victims Compensation Act (OEG).

    Places of refuge

    These are temporary shelters for people in need or in crisis situations – especially if there is an acute risk of violence.

    Crisis services

    Crisis services are points of contact for people with acute mental problems.

    The information provided in the database on focal points such as prevention, organised sexualised and ritual violence or support in cases of assaults among children and adolescents, as well as information on disabled accessibility, language services, etc., is information provided by the support services themselves.

    Web analysis / data collection

    The Independent Commissioner for Child Sexual Abuse Issues would like to continuously improve this website. For this purpose, your consent to the statistical collection of usage information is being requested. Your consent can be withdrawn at any time.